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Does your kitchen’s tile appear to have a wax like buildup that never gets clean no matter what you do? Is the grout located in the high traffic region discolored or dingy? Is the grout in the bathroom a lot worse? If you’d like to eliminate mold and mildew stains all over the bathroom and yellowed, sticky buildup on the kitchen floors, Dri Touch Carpet Cleaning has the required tile cleaning and grout cleaning services in Charlotte, Concord and Harrisburg NC. 

Stop spending long hours on your knees and hands, scrubbing away in vain. Why take on such an exhausting, tiresome task of cleaning your tile and grout when the experts at Dri Touch Carpet Cleaning are here to clean up your homes bathroom tile and grout and make your home cleaner than ever?

How We Work our Tile and Grout Cleaning 

After you make an appointment with Dri Touch Carpet Cleaning, our tile and grout cleaning technicians will arrive to inspect the location to be cleaned and give you a written quote. After that, our tile and grout experts will assess the tiles to determine the type of tile and note areas that require extra attention. If you’re having your tile floors cleaned, we’ll take care of your furniture. We use a special formula for cleaning and use a dry chemical substance to clean carpets and floors. No water is used at all! 

In addition to our pristine cleaning solutions, Dri Touch Carpet Cleaning has a grout cleaning device that removes grime, dirt, stains, and soap scum from grout lines effectively. Immediately the grout and tile are clean; you have an option of sealing the grout to make it non-porous with Dri Touch Carpet Cleaning treatment. Our treatment will protect your grout from stains in the future. 

Benefits of Dry Touch Carpet Cleaning Tile and Grout Services 

•Scrubbing tile is tiring and often ineffective; let Dri Touch Carpet Cleaning do the hard work. 

•Save cash! Cleaning your grout is a lot less expensive than re-tiling. 

•Stop inhaling dust, mold, and mildew that is present in dirty old grout. 

•Dri Touch Carpet Cleaning offers you a Satisfaction Guarantee on your Tile and Grout Cleaning. 

Our friendly cleaners at Dri Touch Carpet Cleaning perform grout cleaning Charlotte, Harrisburg and Concord, NC residents rely on for reinstating cleanliness in their kitchen on the tile floors, and outdoor tile. At Dri Touch Carpet Cleaning, we guarantee that we will make your bathroom, kitchen, or floor tile spotless and beautiful once more.

 If you’re not pleased with our tile cleaning, we can clean your tile and grout again. Trust your tile with Dri Touch Carpet Cleaning! We take care to ensure that your valuables are safe during our cleaning. With our special waterless solution for grout cleaning and tile cleaning, contact Dri Touch Carpet Cleaning in the Charlotte, Harrisburg and Concord, NC areas. Type your paragraph here.

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