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Considering the many fibers used to design area rugs, it becomes confusing to know how to take care of them, but since they offer incredible style to almost any area in your property, it will be a shame not to own one. If you have decided not to have area rugs in your house because of fear of the cleaning process, it is time you learn about Dri Touch Carpet Cleaning expert area rug cleaning services

Our Goal 

Our sole purpose in the industry has been to offer customers excellent service. All our technicians or employees have attained a vast level of experience besides their training. They are helpful respectful to our customers. We strive to offer our customers high quality cleaning service.

What Services Do We Offer? 

We specialize in carpet cleaning, area rug cleaning, as well as tile and grout cleaning. Our many years of experience in the cleaning industry and a large number of satisfied customers is proof that your area rug, carpet, tile and grout will look great after our work. We have mastered the best cleaning practices that help to restore the beauty, and value of your area rug and extend its natural life. Earned confidence is our primary asset in carpet cleaning. 

We specialize in odor removal, spot removal, cleaning off wine stains, specialty rug cleaning services and carpet cleaning. So why not take advantage of this opportunity and make your home look beautiful again and have the chance to enjoy spot free carpets, rugs, and tile. With our services, you will be sure that the best effort will be made when it comes to cleaning your carpet. 

Besides offering fantastic, reliable and efficient services for your satisfaction, we offer carpet, tile and area rug cleaning services at reasonable rates. Below is a brief description of the range of cleaning services we offer: 

Carpet Stain and Odor Removal 

Although some stains are impossible to remove, Dri Touch Carpet Cleaning uses the most current cleaners and stain removal solutions to remove the toughest of stains and pet odors from your carpets and floors. We are dedicated to restoring your carpet to its original look and feel. Our professionals provide comprehensive tile cleaning services and carpet restoration to make sure that your business or home stays sparkling and odorless at all times. Contact Dri Touch Carpet Cleaning to schedule a stain or pet odor removal cleaning. 

Model Units, Real Estate, and Restaurant/Business Carpet Cleaning 

As a restaurant/business owner, you will want your establishment, model homes, and even halls to smell nice and look clean at all times. That is why we use heavy-duty equipment to carry out our work. These machines make it easy to remove dirt, odors, and debris. It refines any signs of wear while also prolonging your carpet's lifespan. If you work in the Property Management Industry, just give us a call and receive an estimate for the job. 

Residential and Commercial Carpet Cleaning 

For commercial and residential buildings, rentals, homes, or apartment complex units our professional staff will properly clean and restore your carpets, tile and grout. We try to enhance tile and grout to turn it into looking new. We expertly clean and remove odor from the carpet in your home or office. 

As an advanced carpet care agency, we are seen as a company providing carpet cleaning service that is dependable. Just call us for your residential and commercial carpet cleaning and we will show up and handle it in a professional manner no matter the level of the project (big or small). 

Carpet Care Tips 

There are a few cool carpet care or maintenance tips that you must carry out in between professional cleaning service. For good carpet maintenance, clean your heavy traffic areas, stairs, hallways, and entryways twice a week with a vacuum cleaner. Make sure to use a vacuum cleaner that has a rotating brush and produces strong enough air flow that can penetrate the carpet backing. 

Tile Cleaning and Stain Removal 

Our professional technicians offer comprehensive carpet restoration and cleaning services to make sure your business or home stays clean and fresh. This is attainable due to our specialized stain removal products and solutions. 

Commercial and Residential Tile Cleaning 

Every business or home owner wants their establishment or property to look neat and smell good all the time. We will effectively remove odor, dirt, debris and clear signs of wear and tear using our sophisticated carpet and tile cleaning equipment. You can expect quality cleaning results as tile and grout cleaning remains one of our unique skills. Contact us for an estimate. 

Tile and Grout Cleaning 

For commercial and residential properties, our expert staff will clean and restore your tile and grout. We will seal the tile and grout to make it look new again. We instruct on maintenance and care for both our commercial and residential clients. You can trust that we will get things ready for your personal or business events. 

Tile Cleaning Suggestions 

In between the regular cleaning services we offer, it is ideal to sweep your tile or use the vacuum cleaner before mopping it to eliminate the amount of dry dirt. Ensure you wipe your tiles periodically if possible with a cloth or sponge that has been soaked in a non-oil home cleaner. Make sure you always rinse after mopping your tiles so as to avoid harsh chemical cleaners that degrade sealants. If during your cleaning you spot a difficult stain or grout issues contact Dri Touch Carpet Cleaning.

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